Miss Represented

Operates as an arts collective working with vulnerable young women who are navigating difficult life situations and are considered at risk.


Vocalist for 8 piece live dub visionaries. www.resonatorsmusic.co.uk

Le Juki

Twisted little trio, harmony heavy stories, strings, synths and sounds. Lee Westwood,Jules Arthur and Bunty.

Nuke Boy

An ongoing collaboration with Holly Geoghan. Using 1 2 1 improvisation workshops to inform live shows.

Recently commissioned to play at Southbank Centre, London as part of Beautiful Octopus Club.

Music for Churches

Music and performance nights that play with the acoustics and architecture of churches


The sound-visual-performance-musical renegades continue to work. Curating cross- platform events in the curious of spaces, running an arts residency programme for the last 5 years, building installations and interactive performances across the UK, they still have time to run a label releasing their 3rd album of collaborative experimental music later this year.


The on going physical challenge of two well travelled aussies named Shelly (Kassia Zermon)and Routine (Poppy Kaye) leading mixed ability beat-synth aerobics classes in the most curious of places. Highly motivational and available to help!

Past Selection

Undercurrent Festival

Commissioned as part of her multimos project to collect audio samples from people in the streets of Shoreham and inviting them to a gig integrating their samples into the show.

The Metahub

ACE funded project took pride of place in the central square of Brighton as part of the White night. The Metahub is a large scale interactive sound video sculpture collecting data in real time using video mapping and VJ's.

We took take audiences on tours the town to collect visual data to feed the metahub, marking our return by performing a harmonised vocal mantra of text abbrev. and jargon using live cams and microphones.


As part of Beatabet Collectives large scale installation 'Win Win Win'* one of the audience tasks was to walk through a metal office cudboard into a red womb like kareoke booth. The choice of song was just one, a quite bad Kylie one.4 different versions to choose from with accompanying videos. 'I should be so Lucky' wafted through the Phoenix Gallery relentlessly for one month. Give it a go - you choose.


BEATABET TALKIE @ Duke of Yorks Cinema

A show for cinema, the usherettes forever faithful to the mighty duke, herded audiences to their seats to watch the BIG MOUTH speak truth. Dance and noise clash in red aisles and torch lit instruments sounded from all six corners, flickering pictures, feedback and song but no-one could remember why.


Backing vocalist for 9 piece zimbabwean reggae fusion outfit.

Carnival Collective

40 peice samba band playing anything but samba. Bunty sang lead vocals for the band galavanting en masse around festivals in UK and Europe.

PLAY JOUEZ at Shunt Lounge, London

As part of Brussels meets Brighton*, two long echoing alcoves were filled with medley of musical toys and dolls limbs making little sonic playgrounds for heads and hands to play in.


A day of art and music set in the grounds of a large countryhouse in Falmer Village, Brighton, organised by protoPLAY , Viv and Beatabet in collaboration. Proto PLAY describes: 'Reconsidering artistic explorations from the 1960’s Happenings to the present day, the event brought artists and musicians together to turn an old-fashioned English countryside Mansion into a contemporary arena of ideas, attitudes and activities. The grounds turned into a matrix of performance, installations and improvised music.


The two bitches (kassia Zermon and Poppy Kaye) toured a tightly choreographed train dance with a homemade soundtrack 'train boogie' played on a portable stereo. Created using samples, sounds,movements, and body language collected at London Bridge train station.