" Brrrr Braaaaa Brrrraaaaaaaaaap. Let the sounds and pictures melt away defining boxes so that mystery swathes.... there are seven special powers to collect"
King Zacky
" Goodbye Tambo, Goodbye Tambo" King Zacky and the Third Party Force chant. Tambo flamenco taps her feet frantically til she is out of sight, and they cry hard thinking of the boomba adventures she will have without them. There tears are both green and turquoise and after abit they forget why they were balling and find they can make even more colours if they flick the tears before they hit the ground.
The sky is all orange and the clouds bright red. The Third Party Force bend over to look through their legs, slowly extending their necks higher and higher towards the sky. "This time it wasn't a trick!" Flexy Bill screams at the clouds/ "You are ike us" the clouds reply calmly in sub bass voices.
Everything is bendier than ever now that the static moon is full. Blue and green shapes celebrate the victory by moving in synchrony. Onlookers soon join in - the Third Party Force is strong tonight. King Zacky' s laugh is everywhere, that sound soon turns into electric rave red thunder and lemon rain.
The Precious sound pumps out of every plug socket, train tannoy and speaker energising everyone it reaches. The Third Part Force are full of motivation and enthusiasm, they just aren' t sure what for! While King Zacky' s smoke machine spells out the words " we are here" in yellow and pink repeatedly , all day long.
Mysterious fruit hang from every tree but it is impossible to grab one. The Third Party Force hang out hoping to catch a glimpse of what the astronauts have seen but that seems impossible too. So everyone settles for watching the moon arise and cuts through so that it is all they can see. Stars make a barrage of sounds that can be sucked into the next Mos.
The Third Part Force search for the enemy but instead they find their bright orange lover. King Zacky knew they would forget the rumours they had heard. As they dance their way out with swollen hearts, the pavement cracks open and close like a big mouth spitting rhymes.
King Zacky collects all the lullaby machines in the Congatron. On the count of three they all sound together making the most beautifully hectic soundclash. Streetlights flicker in time with the Boomclac as the animals watch from above, all the heads laugh hysterically. Onlookers blam their sounds in too and it sounds fatty.